Run For Office

Since its founding, 314 Action Fund has recruited and elected a historic number of scientists — to the U.S. House, Senate, and state and local offices nationwide — thanks to millions of grassroots supporters from every part of the country.

Now, we’re preparing for the challenge of the 2024 cycle — and we need scientists like you to run for elected office.

  • “Voters strongly prefer (90% to 10%) a candidate who is committed to making decisions based on facts and evidence over one who makes decisions based on strong personal convictions. This presents an opportunity for candidates with a STEM background to highlight their fact-based approach and commitment to making decisions on the evidence… [Voters] support science-forward policies. […] Majorities of voters across party lines are on the side of science.”

September 2022 GSG survey of 1,500 likely voters nationwide

At the heart of all our efforts are dedicated scientists who want to make a difference. If that sounds like you, we want to hear from you! Whether it’s running for Congress, state legislature, county council, or school board, we want to elect more scientists in every state and for every position in 2024. Our team will help you match your passion to the office where you can make the most difference.

Running for office means making a commitment. The good news is 314 Action will be standing with you all the way. We’re here to provide training, expertise, troubleshooting, and support on every aspect of campaigning, to give science candidates the best shot possible of winning.

And the other good news? It’s worth it. We’re facing crises and challenges today that can only be solved through dedicated, science-based leadership. Our world, our country, and our communities need science candidates like you. Thank you for bringing your voice to this fight.