Endorsed Candidates

State Legislative & Municipal

Since 2016, 314 Action has elected nearly 300 candidates to state legislatures and local seats around the country. These 314 Action leaders are directly driving science-based decisions for their communities — securing local progress on critical issues from climate action to healthcare access and abortion rights.

In 2024, we need to do it again, because the stakes on these issues are just getting higher. As we saw throughout the pandemic and in the time since Roe was overturned, local leadership can have an outsized impact on our communities’ health, safety, and wellbeing. Meet the 314 Action-endorsed scientists running in must-win down-ballot races across the country, including those that could determine which party controls their state legislature.


Ted Eischeid, AK-HD-22, (Wildlife Biology Degree)

Donna Mears, AK-HD-21, (Civil & Environmental Engineer)

Denny Wells, AK-HD-15, (Mathematics Degree)


Trevor McGarrah, AR-HD-58, (Computer Programming Teacher)

Tom Bartole, AR-HD-68, (Biology Degree)

Chenoa Summers, AR-Craighead County Justice of the Peace District 7, (Environmental Scientist)

David McPherson, AR-HD-7, (Mechanical Engineer)

Daniel Parker, AR-HD-36, (Research Scientist)

Jill Summerford, AR-HD-84, (Veterinarian)


Richard Corles, AZ-LD-3, (Mathematics Degree)

Ravi Shah, AZ-School Board-Tucson Unified School District, (Physician)

Melissa Girmscheid, AZ-School Board-Peoria Unified School District, (STEM Educator)

Brandy Reese, AZ-LD-13, (Chemistry Degree)

Sam D’Almeida, AZ-County Commission/Board-Pima County, (Electrical Engineering Degree)

Anastasia “Stacey” Travers, AZ-LD-12, (Geologist)

Armando Montero, AZ-School Board-Tempe Union High School District Governing Board, (Mathematics Degree)

Jacqueline Smith, AZ-Other-MCCCD District 1, (Mathematics Degree)


Darshana Patel, CA-AD-76, (Biophysicist)

Amber Manfree, CA-County Commission/Board-Napa County Supervisor District 4, (Geographer)

Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen, CA-Mayor-Mayor of Garden Grove, (Molecular Biologist)

Jerry McNerney, CA-SD-5 , (Mathematician)

Marisol Rubio, CA-SD-9, (Molecular Biologist)

Chris Ward, CA-AD-78, (Research Scientist)

Zainab Saadi, CA-City Council-Irvine District 1, (Medical Doctor)

Mike Wilson, CA-County Commission/Board-Humboldt County, (Environmental Engineer)

Dan Kalmick, CA-Huntington Beach City Council, (Computer Engineer)

Jacqui Irwin, CA-AD-42, (Aerospace Systems Engineer)

Dan Kalmick, CA-Huntington Beach City Council, (Computer Engineer)

Jacqui Irwin, CA-AD-42, (Aerospace Systems Engineer)


Jeff Livingston, CO-HD-15, (Electrical Engineer)

Lesley Smith, CO-HD-49, (Environmental Scientist)

Kyra deGruy Kennedy, CO-HD-30, (Biology Degree)

Julie Mullica, CO-County Commission/Board-District 1, Adams County Commissioner, (Epidemiologist)

Steven Arauza, CO-County Commission/Board-Garfield County District 3, (Geologist)

Manny Rutinel, CO-HD-32, (Microbiology Degree)

Jennifer Parenti, CO-HD-19, (Software Engineer)

Cathy Kipp, CO-SD-14, (Computer Information Systems Degree)

Amy Paschal, CO-HD-18, (Software Engineer)

Brianna Titone, CO-HD-27, (Geochemist)

Karen McCormick, CO-HD-11, (Veterinarian)

Chris Hansen, CO-SD-31, (Nuclear Engineer)

Arik Dougherty, CO-HD-20, (Cybersecurity Expert)

Mark Matthews, CO-HD-64, (Internal Medicine & Pediatrics)


Jaime Foster, CT-HD-57, (Research Scientist)


Jay Bancroft, DE-City Council-Newark City Council, D3, (Ecologist)

Frank Burns, DE-HD-21, (Molecular Biologist)

Sophie Phillips, DE-HD-18, (Environmental Scientist)

Jason Hoover, DE-County Commission/Board-New Castle County Council President, (Physics Degree)

Debra Heffernan, DE-HD-6, (Environmental Scientist)


Barbara Sharief, FL-SD-35, (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)

Gallop Franklin, FL-HD-8, (Pharmacist)

Mary Alford, FL-County Commission/Board-Alachua District 1, (Environmental Engineer)

Lindsay Cross, FL-HD-60, (Environmental Scientist)

Stephanie Arguello, FL-School Board- Seminole District 3, (Public Health Professional)

Nick Carey, FL-City Council-St. Pete District 3, (Pharmaceutical Chemist)

Felicia Robinson, FL-HD-104, (Mathematics Degree)

Rachelle Litt, FL-HD-94, (Pharmacist)

Rosemarie Latham, FL-HD-29, (Nurse Practitioner)


Laura Judge, GA-School Board-Cobb County School Board Post 5, (Biomedical Scientist)

Elaine Padgett, GA-HD-25, (Registered Nurse)

Ashwin Ramaswami, GA-SD-48, (Computer Scientist)

Donna McLeod, GA-County Executive-County Chairperson in Gwinnett County, Georgia, (Chemical Engineering Degree)

Viola Davis, GA-HD-87, (Critical Care Nurse)

Michelle Au, GA-HD-50, (Physician)

Imani Barnes, GA-HD-86, (Biomedical Scientist)

Karla Drenner, GA-HD-85, (PHD)

LaDena Bolton, GA-County Commission/Board-DeKalb County-7, (Chemist)

Jasmine Clark, GA-HD-108, (Microbiology Degree)

Randye Dugan, GA-HD-24, (Science Teacher)

Dr. Arlene Beckles, GA-HD-96, (Cybersecurity Expert)

Mekyah McQueen, GA-HD-61, (Math Teacher)

Sadia Ali, GA-SD-37, (Physician)

Emanuel Jones, GA-SD-10, (Electrical Engineering Degree)


Natalia Hussey-Burdick, HI-HD-50, (Biology Degree)


Adam Zabner, IA-HD-90, (Data Scientist)

Anthony (Tony) Thompson, IA-HD-45, (Data Scientist)

Penny Vossler, IA-HD-48, (Math Teacher)

Nicole Loew, IA-SD-12, (Nurse Researcher)

Shawn Ellerbroek, IA-HD-57, (Biochemist)

Margaret Liston, IA-SD-24, (Nurse)

Megan Srinivas, IA-HD-30, (Physician)


Linda Robertson, IL-HD-IL 65, (Microbiologist)

Verner Tepe, IL-County Executive-Kane County 22, (Mathematician)

Lucy Evans, IL-County Commission/Board-Dupage County District 3, (Civil Engineer)

Saba Haider, IL-County Commission/Board-DuPage County Board, District 5, (Wildlife Biology Degree)

Zach Bachmann, IL-County Commission/Board-Kendall County Board District 2, (Computer Science Degree)

Jeff Gahris, IL-County Commission/Board-Commissioner, Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, (Environmental Engineer)

Nicholas Smith, IL-HD-34, (Chemistry Degree)

Kari Steele, IL-County Commission/Board-Cook County, (Chemistry Degree)

Rachel Ventura, IL-SD-43, (Mathematics Degree)

 Rob Reneau, IL-County Commission/Board-Peoria County-10, (Biology & Chemistry Degrees)


Loree Peery, ID-HD-2A, (Nurse)

Julia Parker, ID-SD-6, (Nurse)


Heidi Beidinger, IN-HD-5, (Environmental Scientist)

Edward Moyer Jr, IN-HD-13, (Astrophysicist)

Andrew Roberts, IN-Allen County Coroner, (Physician)

Katie Morgan, IN-County Commission/Board-Clark County-1, (Environmental Science Degree)

Robert Pope, IN-HD-40, (Software Engineer)

Chad Harmon, IN-HD-42, (Manufacturing Engineer)

Charrie Stambaugh, IN-City Council-Johnson County, (Public Health Professional)


Jeff Pittman, KS-SD-5, (Systems Engineer)

Ace Allen, KS-HD-28, (Medical Doctor)

Melissa Oropeza, KS-HD-37, (Advanced Nurse Practitioner)

Jason Anderson, KS-SD-35, (Computer Scientist)


Matthew Pfaadt, KY-HD-29, (Electrical Engineer)

Jamie Skudlarek, KY-SD-5, (Food Scientist)


Tommy Vitolo, MA-HD-15, (PhD, Systems Engineering)


Jean Guzzetti, ME-SD-24, (Biology Degree)

Sam Zager, ME-HD-116, (Medical Doctor)

Nicole Grohoski, ME-SD-7, (GIS Specialist)

Bettyann Sheats, ME-SD-20, (Aeronautical Engineering Degree)

Gerry Runte, ME-HD-146, (Renewable Energy Policy Consultant)

Kathryn Manende Hall, ME-HD-143, (Forestry Degree)

Valli Geiger, ME-HD-42, (Registered Nurse)


Shadia Martini, MI-HD-54, (Architectural Engineer)

Carrie Rheingans, MI-HD-47, (Public Health Professional)

Laurie Pohutsky, MI-HD-17, (Microbiologist)

Paul Giessner, MI-County Commission/Board-Livingston County District 5, (Electrical Engineer)

Matt Longjohn, MI-HD-40 , (Public Health Professional)

Chris Trubac, MI-County Commission/Board-Ingham County District 3, (Natural Resource Conservation)

Julie Brixie, MI-HD-73, (Soil And Water Scientist)

Kris Pachla, MI-County Commission/Board-Kent County District 19, (Former Science Teacher)

Gwen Markham, MI-County Commission/Board-Oakland County District 15, (Manufacturing Engineer)

Hirak Chanda, MI-City Council-Troy City Council, (Automotive Engineer)

Angela Witwer, MI-HD-76, (Registered Nurse)

Dan Hesse, MI-Kent County Commission, (IT Professional)

Karl Sime, MI-Ingham County Executive, (Mechanical Engineering Degree)

Katie Scott, MI-Wayne County Commission, (Registered Nurse)

Marcia Mansaray, MI-HD-85, (Epidemiologist)

Tim Killeen, MI-Wayne County Commission, (Science Teacher)


Kari Rehrauer, MN-HD-35B, (Science Teacher)

Aron Schnaser, MN-HD-7A, (Chemistry Teacher)

Brian Cohn, MN-HD-57B, (Mathematics Degree)

Heather Holmes, MN-HD-24A, (Biology Degree)

Patty Acomb, MN-HD-45B, (Wildlife Biology Degree)

Rick Hansen, MN-HD-53B, (Soil And Water Scientist)

Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger, MN-HD-47A, (Genetics and Cell Biology Degree)

Alex Falconer, MN-HD-49A, (Biology Degree)

Curtis Johnson, MN-HD-40B, (Computer Science Degree)

Katie Jones, MN-HD-61A, (Civil & Environmental Engineer)

Eric Olson, MN-HD-11B, (Other)

Joe Staloch, MN-HD-23A, (Geology Degree)

Paul Bolin, MN-HD-30B, (Medical Doctor)


Patty Lewis, MO-HD-25, (Nurse)


Melody Cunningham, MT-HD-97, (Oncologist)

David Arends, MT-HD-HD-18, (Physician Assistant)

Mark Nicholson, MT-SD-24, (Physician)

Marilyn Marler, MT-HD-94, (Plant Biologist)

C.B. Pearson, MT-SD-46, (Other)

Cora Neumann, MT-SD-30, (Public Health Professional)

Jane Weber, MT-HD-19, (Forestry Degree)

Bob Carter, MT-HD-96, (Computer Science Degree)

Thedis Crowe, MT-HD-15, (Soil And Water Scientist)


Sarah Centineo, NE-LD-45, (Nurse)

Christine Clerc, NE-School Board-Bellevue Public Schools, District 1, (Physician Assistant)


David Orentlicher, NV-AD-20, (Physician)

Dallas Harris, NV-SD-11, (Computer Science Degree)

Daniel R ‘Dan’ Patterson, NV-City Council-Boulder City, (Ecologist)

Jason Hastings, NV-Mayor-Carson City, (Other)

Daniel Andrews, NV-AD-13, (Aerospace Systems Engineer)

Mercedes McKinley, NV-School Board-District A, (GIS Specialist)

New Hampshire

Ben Ming, NH-SD-12, (Computer Science Degree)

Jennifer Mandelbaum, NH-HD-Rockingham 21, (Public Health Researcher)

Wendy Thomas, NH-HD-Hillsborough 21, (Microbiologist)

Scott Lawrence, NH-HD-Hillsborough 43, (Software Engineer)

William Marsh, NH-SD-3, (Physician)

New Jersey

Joeigh Perella, NJ-County Executive-Cumberland County Commissioner, (Dentist)

New Mexico

Katharine Clark, NM-Election Administration-County Clerk, (Cognitive Science Degree)

Luke Jungmann, NM-HD-60, (Software Developer)

Yanira Gurrola, NM-HD-16, (Electrical Engineer)

Harold Pope Jr., NM-SD-23, (Chemist)

New York

Lea Webb, NY-SD-52, (Neuroscience Degree)

Rebecca Kassay, NY-AD-4, (Environmental Specialist)

John McDonald III, NY-AD-108, (Pharmacist)

Alex Bores, NY-AD-73, (Computer Scientist)

Rachel May, NY-SD-48, (Environmental Science Degree)

Anna Kelles, NY-AD-125, (Nutritional Epidemiologist)

Janet Tweed, NY-AD-102, (Other)

North Carolina

Vivian Fulk, NC-HD-91, (Computer Information Systems Degree)

Kate Compton Barr, NC-SD-37, (Public Health Scientist)

Marilyn Carter, NC-County Commission/Board-Orange County District 1, (Electrical Engineer)

Amy Fowler, NC-County Commission/Board-Orange County At Large, (Pediatrician)

Wesley Wheless, NC-County Commission/Board-Franklin County Commissioner District 7 (At-Large), (Geologist)

Jessica Carda-Auten, NC-School Board-Durham District 3, (Public Health Researcher)

Mike Lee, NC-County Commission/Board-Durham County Commissioner, (Computer Science Degree)

David Hill, NC-SD-7, (Doctor)

Jerry Jones, NC-School Board-New Hanover County, (Environmental Chemist)

Amy Dahl, NC-School Board-Moore County District 1, (Chemistry Teacher)

North Dakota

Alexandra Deufel, ND-HD-40, (Biology Professor)


Beth Liston, OH-SD-16, (Doctor)

Laura Schaeffer, OH-HD-59, (Scientist)

Rachael Morocco, OH-HD-60, (Pediatrician)

Rachel Baker, OH-HD-27, (Nurse Researcher)

Anita Somani, OH-HD-8, (OB/GYN)

Derrick Hall, OH-HD-34, (Chemistry Degree)

Brad Cotton, OH-HD-12, (Emergency Room Physician)

Michele Grim, OH-HD-43, (Public Health Degree)

Chantel Raghu, OH-County Commission/Board-Butler County Commissioner, (Veterinarian)

Louis Murphy, OH-HD-99, (Environmental Scientist)

Laura Davis, OH-HD-55, (Biology Degree)

Daniel McGregor, OH-SD-10, (Engineer)

Emily Adams, OH-HD-76, (Environmental Science Degree)


Jessica Cifuentes, OK-School Board-OKCPS School Board District 3, (Engineer)

Andy Fugate, OK-HD-94, (Computer Science Degree)

Crystal LaGrone, OK-HD-12, (Information Technologist)

Melissa Provenzano, OK-HD-79, (Biology Degree)


Daniel DeMelo, OR-City Council-Portland District 3, (Software Engineer)

Lisa Reynolds, OR-HD-34, (Physician)

Brian Duty, OR-HD-33, (Surgeon)

Julie Fahey, OR-HD-14, (Chemistry Degree)

Lisa Fragala, OR-HD-8, (Biologist)

Tracy Thompson, OR-SD-2, (Biochemistry Degree)

Hai Pham, OR-HD-36, (Dentist)

Terrence Virnig, OR-HD-15, (Environmental Engineer)


Anna Thomas, PA-HD-137, (Chemistry Degree)

Steve Malagari, PA-HD-53, (Biology Degree)

Napoleon Nelson, PA-HD-154, (Computer Science Degree)

Arvind Venkat, PA-LD-30, (Emergency Physician)

Edward Ritter, PA-LD-47, (Chemical Engineer)

Stefanie Rafes, PA-HD-187, (Physician Assistant)

Emily Kinkead, PA-HD-20, (Biology Degree)

Jared Bitting, PA-HD-138, (Technology Education)

Vera Cole, PA-HD-145, (Engineer)

Rhode Island

Louis DiPalma, RI-SD-12, (Systems Engineer)

Michelle McGaw, RI-HD-71, (Pharmacist)

Tiara Mack, RI-SD-6, (Public Health Degree)

Sam Bell, RI-SD-5, (Geophysicist)


Gabby Salinas, TN-HD-96, (Pharmaceutical Scientist)

Claire Jones, TN-HD-61, (Registered Nurse)

Arthur Moore, TN-County Commission/Board-Knox County District 5, (Emergency Room Doctor)


Stephanie Morales, TX-HD-138, (Biology Degree)

Aicha Davis, TX-HD-109, (Science Teacher)

Katherine Culbert, TX-Other-Railroad Commission, (Chemical Engineer)

Cody Grace, TX-HD-6, (Computer Systems Analyst)

Michelle Beckley, TX-HD-63, (Biomedical Scientist)

Venton Jones, TX-HD-100, (Public Health Professional)

Sarah Smith, TX-HD-126, (Environmental Consultant)

Detrick DeBurr, TX-HD-65, (Software Engineer)

Erin Zwiener, TX-HD-45, (Forestry Degree)

Suleman Lalani, TX-HD-76, (Doctor)

Dawn Richardson, TX-HD-54, (Science Teacher)

Donna Howard, TX-HD-48, (Registered Nurse)

Tanya Marroquin, TX-County Commission/Board-Comal County Commissioner, (Science Teacher)

Molly Cook, TX-SD-15, (Nurse)

Laurel Jordan Swift, TX-HD-121, (Biology Degree)

Carlos Walker, TX-HD-97, (Mathematics Degree)

Jon Rosenthal, TX-HD-135, (Mechanical Engineer)


Zeaid Hasan, UT-HD-16, (Aerospace Systems Engineer)

Rosemary Lesser, UT-HD-10, (Doctor)

Steve Hartwick, UT-HD-18, (Biology Degree)

Shenghao Wang, TX-Other-Travis Central Appraisal District Board of Directors Place 2, (Mathematics Degree)


James Lewis, VA-City Council-Alexandria City Council, (Biology Degree)

Alyia Gaskins, VA-Alexandria Mayor, (Public Health Degree)


Robin Scheu, VT-HD-Addison-1, (Biology Degree)


Victoria Hunt, WA-LD-5, (Ecologist)

Bill Ramos, WA-SD-5, (Forest Scientist)

Derek Stanford, WA-SD-1, (Data Scientist)

Heather Koellen, WA-HD-12, (Nurse)

Linda Gunshefski, WA-LD-16, (Physician)

Terri Niles, WA-LD-17, (Nurse)


Regina Vidaver, WI-County Executive-Dane County, (Molecular Biologist)

Andres Gama, WI-County Commission/Board- Kenosha County District 6, (Other)

Matthew Petersen, WI-School Board-Unified School District of De Pere, (Human Biologist)

Joan Fitzgerald, WI-AD-46, (Math Teacher)

Kyle Kunicki, WI-AD-40, (Mechanical Engineer)

Janell Wehr, WI-County Commission/Board-Portage County Board Supervisor District 3, (Other)

Rebecca Clarke, WI-County Commission/Board-Sheboygan County District 5, (Natural Resource Conservation)

West Virginia

Evan Hansen, WV-HD-79, (Environmental Scientist)

Roger Vannoy, WV-LD-47, (Nurse)

Stephanie Tomana, WV-HD-75, (Science Teacher)


Mike Yin, WY-HD-16, (Computer Science Degree)