Tony Vargas

Science Educator


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Tony Vargas is a State Senator and former science educator who is running in Nebraska’s incredibly competitive 2nd Congressional District. This is one of the only GOP-held districts that Joe Biden won in 2020 and was one of the closest House races in the nation in 2022.

Tony devoted his career to public service and improving opportunities for all Nebraskans. He has served his community since 2013, first as a member of the Omaha Public Schools Board and then as a member of the Nebraska Legislature. As a senator, Tony has developed a reputation for civility and working with anyone to get things done for Nebraska workers and small businesses.

He has successfully passed legislation to strengthen Nebraska’s public schools, improve access to health care, encourage technology and innovation, and improve consumer protections. The pathway to flipping the House blue and re-electing Joe Biden (because NE-2 gives it’s electoral votes to the winner of the district not the state) goes through this battleground race!