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John Hickenlooper

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John Hickenlooper was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2020 after serving as the forty-second governor of Colorado. Early in his career, Hick worked as a geologist and later developed eight small businesses, including Colorado’s first brewpub.

Hick entered politics when he was elected to two terms as mayor of Denver, during which time he worked to address climate change and bolster public education in the city, and he was named by TIME as one of the top five best big city mayors in the United States. When Hick was elected governor of Colorado, he expanded Medicaid and took action to cut down on pollution. As Governor Hick passed the first methane regulations in the country and led efforts to ensure that Colorado will meet or exceed Paris Agreement targets.

Upon his election to the U.S. Senate following a draft campaign by 314 Action, Hick secured positions on several Senate committees dedicated to science policy, including the committees on Energy and Natural Resources as well as Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Hick is one of the most forward-thinking, pro-science policy champions in Congress. Help make sure he has the support he needs to fight for science in the Senate.