Jamie McLeod-Skinner

Civil Engineer

McLeod-Skinner is an emergency response coordinator, small business owner, attorney and engineer who has spent her career rebuilding communities and protecting natural resources. McLeod-Skinner has devoted her career to public service, repairing schools and hospitals in Bosnia and Kosovo, managing refugee resettlement programs and serving on several boards related to education, public health and protecting the environment.

Jamie serves as an elected board member of the Jefferson County Education Service District, a board member of the Northwest Health Foundation, and she was appointed by Governor Kate Brown to serve on the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board.

Oregon’s 5th Congressional District is rated by virtually every election analyst as a TOSS-UP, with Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight projecting that this House race will be decided by 0.1%. Jamie isn’t taking any contributions from corporate PACs or Big Oil & Gas, so her ability to win this open Democratic-held seat depends on generous supporters like you!